Based on “The Complete Herbal” by Nicholas Culpeper, M.D.

This herb is known as All-Heal, Hercules’s All-Heal, and Hercules’s Woundwort because it’s believed that Hercules learned about this herb and its virtues from Chiron during his studies in medicine. Some also refer to it as Panay or Opopane-Wort.


Description: The root of All-Heal is long, thick, and filled with a potent juice, which has a hot and pungent taste. The leaves are large and somewhat resemble ash-tree leaves, with a winged appearance. They are slightly hairy and consist of five or six pairs of wings arranged opposite each other along the stems. The leaves are broad at the base and become narrower towards the tip. One of the leaves is slightly deeper at the bottom than the other. They are a fresh yellowish-green color and have a slightly bitter taste when chewed. Rising above the leaves is a green, round stem, robust and reaching a height of about five or six feet. It has many joints and some leaves along its length. Toward the top of the stem, clusters of small yellow flowers appear, followed by whitish-yellow, short, and flat seeds, which are also bitter in taste.

Habitat: While there are other herbs with the same name, the description provided here refers to the variety commonly found in the gardens of several places in England.

Blooming Period: While some sources suggest that it flowers from May to December, in practice, those who cultivate it in their gardens note that it typically flowers toward the end of summer and produces seeds shortly afterward.

Properties and Uses: All-Heal is associated with Mars, and it possesses qualities that are hot, pungent, and choleric. It has a sympathetic affinity to counteract the bodily afflictions caused by Mars, much like how vipers’ flesh attracts poison, and iron is drawn to a lodestone. This herb is effective in expelling worms, relieving gout, cramps, and convulsions, promoting urine production, and alleviating joint pain. It’s also useful for treating various head-related issues, such as vertigo, epilepsy, lethargy, and headaches. All-Heal is known for addressing ailments like colic, liver and spleen obstructions, kidney and bladder stones, and it can stimulate menstruation and aid in the expulsion of a dead fetus. This herb is highly regarded for its ability to relieve nerve-related discomforts, including itchiness, nerve stones, and toothaches. Additionally, it’s known for its efficacy against the bites of rabid dogs and venomous creatures, and it gently purges excess choler from the body.

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